Don’t Ask These Questions During An Interview

interview-questions-dont-askThe questions that you, the job seeker, ask in an interview can make or break your chances of getting hired. But many job seekers, new and old, make the rookie mistake of asking the questions below. Are you making that mistake?


Don’t ask these questions during an interview:

“Are You Going To Check My Facebook?”

This question is akin to asking if the employer drug tests – the fact that you’re even asking implies you’re guilty, even if you’re not. By asking this question you’ve already planted the seed in the hiring manager’s mind. Soon enough, she might find herself wondering what you have to hide. To find out, she heads over to Twitter where she reads a slew of unbecoming tweets and, before you know it, you’re out of the running for the job.

“What Are The Company Perks?”

If the company has great perks, the hiring manager will probably bring them up to impress you. If perks aren’t brought up, be patient and wait to ask about them until you’re offered the job. As much as you might want a company smartphone and laptop

5 Tips For A Successful Business Lunch

successful-business-lunchSo, you’re going through the interview process with a great company. Everything is going well and you think you’ll receive an offer soon. Then, your interviewer invites you out to lunch. Although he or she may present the offer in a nonchalant, casual way, your interviewer is probably giving you one last chance to prove yourself before they make a decision.

5 Tips For A Successful Business Lunch:

Nervous? Don’t be! Here are a few tips to make sure you have a successful business lunch.


This may seem like a casual meal with a potential colleague, but in reality, it’s anything but casual. The word to remember is “potential.” You still have not received an offer, so you should treat this no differently than a formal interview. You wouldn’t take your phone out start replying to e-mails in a primary interview, so don’t do it here.

A good way to beat temptation is to leave your phone at home or in the car. If you can’t stomach the thought of being without it, simply put it on silent mode and off of the table.


Much like in a

5 Ways To Build Confidence For An Interview

interviewThe interview is one component of the job seeking process that most people love to hate.

While it serves as a sign from the employer that you are being strongly considered for a position, it also can be a source of angst for candidates who fear they’ll make mistakes that will cut them out of the running.

A great way to overcome the anxiety interviews produce is to begin feeling good about the process.

Need help getting there? Here are five ways to build confidence for an interview.

1. Conduct Research

One great way to build your interviewing confidence is by conducting plenty of research on the company you’re applying with and the position it’s offering. A common question interviewers ask is, “Do you know anything about our company?” Most times, candidates are forced to answer “No.”

If you’re able to share the company’s background information and showcase knowledge of its future goals for the position in question, you’ll undoubtedly catch the interviewer off-guard, in a great way!

2. Locate Sample Interview Questions

There are many sample interview questions floating around the Internet that can help you gauge the types of questions you could be asked. Take time to review those

How to Successfully Make the Transition from College to Career

Getting into college may have been tough, but once you are in college the real challenge is making sure that you really make the most of your degree. If you want to make a successful transition from college to a career then you’re going to need to get a job after college that is related to your major. The best way to do that is to start thinking well ahead of your senior year. You don’t need to have your whole career trajectory figured out just yet, but there are a lot of ways that you can improve your chances of being upwardly mobile right away, rather than spending several more years paying dues. Here’s how to do it.

Find an Internship

Internships are the key to getting the skills you need for the job you want. You may not be getting paid, but you will most likely be getting credit. Whether you go to George Washington University or University of Michigan, you will be getting college credits for the work you do in your internship, and you will be a step ahead of your peers because you will be getting hands-on training.

Become a Professor’s Assistant

It never hurts to

4 Hot Jobs for New College Grads

You’ve just graduated from college and now the job hunt begins. It can be scary wadding through the waters of real life, but you’ll quickly find that it’s not too different than attending UC San Diego. College does a great job of preparing you for when you finally enter into your career of choice. By now, you should be used to managing projects, following a leader or even being a leader. Aside from having the knowledge and skills taught at ACU Online, you’ll need to find a job that suits your talents and needs.

There are quite a few hot jobs available today, maybe you’ll take a liking to one of them. Here’s a quick list of the top four jobs for college grads.

Software Developer

Anyone who’s looking to work in a cool field with great earning potential should consider working as a software developer. This is a great way to

Get Best Business Capital From Online Loans

Work is thing that must we doing to fulfil all of human’s need, and can life comfortable. Every job whom we do has different job description. And the job description is affect to salary that will we get. If your job description is much and more difficult, so you will get much salary too. Your position in the company also has an effect on salary. From now maybe you are quite satisfied with the job and salary that you earn. But until when you will survive in your job. What if someday you get fired from your company? No one know what will happen in the future. We suggest you to preparing from now. Indeed, no one who want to get out from the job that their love. But sometimes age also affect to your position in the company (retirement). So it is not bad thing to prepare all start from now.

Then what thing that must you prepare? The most appropriate thing, you can do is make your own business, start enterpreneurship or if you have some problem, let’s know more about details of online loan. For first starting with small business, and as time passes. Do the best to the

Have you Googled ‘Graduate Jobs’ lately?

If you have or are just about to finish your university exams then the chances are you will have typed ‘Graduate Jobs’ to take your next step. It’s a tough environment with so many other graduates looking for the same thing so graduate recruitment for many is not the walk in the park many think it’s going to be once the graduate.  Whether you are looking for internships or student recruitment you will have seen the opportunities available on the job board, but there are a few things you should bear in mind so that you have the best chance of standing out.

Writing a CV

Most CVs contain information about previous job experience but if you have just left your full time education and are looking for student recruitment then you will more than likely be lost for things to put. Your CV doesn’t have to be huge but it is something you will need to have if you are looking for graduate jobs UK. This is your time to shine but you shouldn’t do it by using anything too fancy such as coloured or outrageous font as this will scream immaturity.


Have the Company? Take this Program for Your Employees!

As what we already known previously that everyone has their own favorite or what we called as passion in the deeper context. What is your passion? What is your interest? We know also that the passion or the interest of everyone will be varied from one to another. When we can know what kind of passion that we have, we will be easier in choosing such as for the job that we will choose.

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